Flexibility Use at Distribution Level – A CEER Conclusions Paper

Energy systems have been impacted by significant structural and market developments which have altered the characteristics of electricity distribution activities. In its Clean Energy for All Europeans package, the European Commission also recognises structural changes in the market and the changing role of DSOs. European regulators have published a series of papers relating to flexibility over the past four years.

In this CEER Conclusions paper, following the Consultation and taking into account the conclusions of the CEER Workshop on Flexibility Use at DSO level, CEER reviews the key outcomes of the Consultation and discusses the guiding principles found in the Executive Summary and Conclusion.

Please note that this Conclusions Paper does not consider flexibility for gas networks. Flexibility for electricity transmission networks and markets has to be considered in the light of the energy transition and an overarching view is indispensable. In any case, undue distortions should be

Click here to download the CEER Conclusions paper on Flexibility Use at Distribution Level


30 July 2018

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