Expected impacts

The BestRES projects aims to better integrate renewable energies into the power system with a special focus on market integration. New renewable energy business models that allow aggregators to successfully participate in the market by combining different RES technologies, energy storage, flexible demand and other technologies into a commercially viable product will be assessed and improved. Afterwards they will also be implemented and evaluated in real life.

BestRES will foster the full market integration of renewable energy sources, which will increase profitability and reduce reliance on today support schemes. The project will also support the establishment of a robust regulatory framework that encourages investments in the renewable energy sector.

The expected impacts of the project are:

  • Successful implementation of business models and full market integration of renewable energy sources beyond support schemes
  • Increase of the hosting capacity of the transmission grid and ancillary services provided to the TSOs through direct implementation of the improved renewable energy business models
  • Assessment of market design for ancillary services across the 9 partner countries, and in particular for implementation of renewable energy aggregators business models
  • Recommendations on market design and on the legal and regulatory framework for creating power systems with flexible demand and improved demand side management
  • Support to policy makers for creating new policy strategies that support the renewable energy aggregator business models and the integration of renewable energy overall