BestRES recommendations for policy makers

The BestRES project developed 13 Business Models to facilitate the integration of renewable energy sources into the energy market by aggregating distributed generation and combining it with demand side management and energy storage. However, these Business Models encounter various barriers on their way, be it of economic, technical or legal nature.

The paper “The impact of the CE4AE-Package on legal and regulatory problems for aggregators, encountered in the BestRES project” analyses the legal and regulatory barriers already identified at an early stage of the project in light of the new provisions of the Clean Energy for All Europeans Package (CE4AE), which are likely to reduce or even eliminate said barriers.

The document includes BestRES recommendations for policy makers to ease the transition to cleaner sourses of energy.


Download the paper here


20 September 2018

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BestRES results available for download

BestRES results available for download

The BestRES project is crossing the finish line and publishes its results. In a changing electricity market landscape where the share of variable renewable energy in the energy mix is increasing, system flexibility becomes crucial. As part of the solution, the aggregation of renewable energy sources can significantly accelerate the integration of variable electricity sources, […]

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